Werk-Out Gear Favorites

Hi! This is an excuse to show off my fabulous friend and some fabulous athleisure!

Full disclosure, I was gifted a pair of Peach leggings and supersoft T shirt (which I’m currently wearing), but what I really wanted to do was a) take pictures inside a candy store and b) change up Indierella’s game a bit by taking more photos than trying to be in them.

So for this shoot I grabbed my friend Jenny and said “Can you model for me? Here’s the plan…”

I instructed her to wear a pair of workout clothes she liked and meet me in front of Dylan’s Candy Bar (who sort of kicked us out) for some shenanigans.


A smize Tyra Banks would be proud of
one of my favorite shots among favorite shots
maybe she’s born with it
The face of someone who knows they have stronger brows than you
if this was an ad for sportswear I would 10/10 buy



So. Now that I’m done gassing up my friend (as in done for this post but never done for life), I’m going to gas up some of my personal, preferred athleisure items!



I was gifted these leggings from Peach, and if this isn’t a representation of how I live my life, then I don’t know what is!



One more shameless plug, you can get your own super-comfy Indierella leggings, so we can both mutually support our love of leggings.



Even though lululemon is a little bit more expensive, I can personally attest that these are the most comfortable shorts I have ever owned. Work out in them, wear them under a dress, or dance around your room in them feeling good!



If I could only have three material things in life, they would be: makeup, chocolate, and cute sports bras. This one from Victoria’s Secret is all kinds of comfortable AND you can catch me pairing this with cargo pants and a mesh top at any music festival this summer.



Now I don’t really wear this last item at the gym, but look, it’s for the leisure in athleisure. DSW has some uh-mazing and inexpensive finds like these.


Before I go, I have to shout out my incredible friend Jenny for going along with my crazy idea and being a brilliant fitness model! Stay fabulous.

xoxo kat


One thought on “Werk-Out Gear Favorites

  1. I just bought my first pair of activewear pants 2 weeks ago. I’m finally going to start working out after years of being lazy! All of these pics are cute and I love the pants that have the built in phone pocket


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