Into the Wild – A Utah Photoseries

I haven’t been to Utah in about five years. My parents are both from there, my brother goes to college there, and I spent many-a-vacation growing up visiting my extending family. But I recently visited Northern Utah with my family, as a musical work by my father was being performed, and found myself inspired by the mountains.

The emblem of my alma mater in Virginia says “Levavi Oculus,” which means “lift thine eyes,” referring to the beautiful mountains just beyond our campus. From the Appalachian mountains to the Rockies, mountains make me feel like I’m home.

I was also really inspired by the song Into the Wild by LP, and I asked my new friend Abigail to model for me, as if she was the bridge between humanity and nature, the ground and the open sky, the known and the unknown.








Lift thine eyes into the wild.
xoxo kat


25 thoughts on “Into the Wild – A Utah Photoseries

  1. I have never been to Utah. The only thing I remember about the state is the Capitol but my son & I are planning a trip this summer to learn more!!


  2. The scenery is stunning. You’d think you were completely in the wilderness without a few of the urban shots thrown in. Amazing pics.


  3. Photographs look just so much more interesting with a back story like your friend being presented as the link between the known and the unknown. Btw, wouldn’t at all mind waiting at the traffic signal with that view : )
    – Nandita


  4. I’ve seen Utah so many times through photos and movies and your pictures really show off the wild beauty of the mountainous landscape!


  5. This looks like such an incredible place to visit. I have never been out to Utah before but I definitely would love to!


  6. Utah is so beautiful. Our sister has a place in Deer Valley, so we are up there during ski season and during the summer. Your pics are fantastic.


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