Up Your Travel Efficiency with Knack Bags

The product in this post was gifted to me by Knack Bags, but, as always, all opinions are my own.

If you asked me what my career goals are, I would reply simply, “I want to get a good night’s sleep, go to concerts, and never worry about paying my bills.”

But, as I discovered during a trip to Utah recently, my secondary career goal is that I want to be able to fly business class just once. I want to show up to the airport in a fashionable suit, tote my small rolling suitcase, and fly business class.

Is that a weird and specific thing to want? Maybe. I enjoy both the little things and the finer things.


So. Let’s talk about Knack Bags. They’re a young startup with a desire to fix a straightforward problem: sometimes you just have too many bags. I certainly feel this way when I’m traveling, but also on a day-to-day basis. Don’t worry, they’re not encouraging you to give up your purse collection, but to help you organize and decompress your packing, travel, everyday items, and whatever you might need short of a chainsaw into one chic and simple item.


Here are all the kinds of bags I use, and that you probably use too: backpack, hiking/travel backpack, gym bag, reusable tote, fashion tote, laptop bag, and all the cute purses.

So what about combining all of them into one? The secret, my friends, is simply about how to utilize and organize the space that you have, and the Knack Pack makes it easy.

When I did an unboxing video on my Instagram stories, you could absolutely see my growing enthusiasm as I discovered more and more pockets in this nifty backpack. Keep scrolling to see a delightful array of pockets that allow you to perfectly pack everything from passports, electronics, clothes, shoes, pens, credit cards, and whatever else you might need!





I’m also a big fan of the lining and mesh. The backpacks I used in public school would get so dirty with grime, dust, and pencil shavings, but the interior material of these Knack Packs are made to prevent all that buildup. They’re totally water resistant! Also, get a load of that hook so you’ll never lose keys in your bag!





As you can see, the people at Knack Bags thought of a place for anything and everything you might need for a trip across the country or just a trip to the store. On top of it all, all of the pockets and straps can be hidden away if you don’t something at a specific moment. Even the straps!




With the large Knack Bag, as shown here, you’ve got your classic, adjustable backpack straps. These are tucked into a secret pocket at the very back of the backpack so you can use them as needed. For extra support, you can also use the clasps on the shoulder straps as well as an extra strap around your waist. Again, everything can be brought out for usefulness and hidden away if you don’t need it anymore.


My overall thoughts? These backs are perfect for the modern traveler who wants to look professional and be organized. The Knack Packs are excellently made and you can absolutely see the time and thought put into making them.

Currently, Knack Bags have a handful of products for sale, and some other ones in the making. Get ready to see them all over the travel blogging world, and if you want to beat the trend, get yours too!

Don’t forget to check out Knack Bags on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Happy packing!

xoxo kat


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