An Elle Woods-Inspired Look (and taking a break from blogging)

Elle Woods is like my fairy godmother and role model.

This girl graduated from UCLA with a 4.0 in a business degree, was Chapter President of a national sorority, got a 179 on her LSATs (one point away from a perfect score and in the 99.94 percentile of test takers), got into Harvard Law (12.8% acceptance rate), interned at a prestigious law firm as a first-year law student, cross-examined a witness during her first trial (again as a first-year law student), won said trial by getting the witness to admit to murder (AS A FIRST YEAR LAW STUDENT), and graduated first in her class (FROM HARVARD LAW).

This girl…is goals.

As a future lawyer and incoming law student, sure I could idolize some real life practicing lawyers (I mean they literally have Ruth Bader Ginsburg action figures), but the girl that used to play with Barbie dolls hasn’t lost a love for pink.

I coerced my friend Kayla into modeling for me in this fabulous, Elle Woods-Barbie-glam shoot.

So before I show you some of my favorite pictures, I have an important announcement: Indierella is going to take a backseat for a while. Not only do I feel a bit creatively burnt out on the music and writing side, but I move in six weeks and start law school in ten weeks. Furthermore, I became obsessed with promoting, writing, sharing, and watching the numbers to a point where it was more of a chore than the hobby or even business that I wanted it to be. Of course I don’t want to completely stop blogging, but I want to take care of myself first.

Now, enjoy this last photo series for a little while:















Thank you for liking, commenting, following, and enjoying this ride with me! See you in a bit. 😉

xoxo kat



One thought on “An Elle Woods-Inspired Look (and taking a break from blogging)

  1. A few things:
    -Elle Woods is an ideal and wonderful role model and I endorse your endorsement 100%
    -Your friend is an excellent model, and you are a great photographer! These photos are perfect.
    -I wish you the best on your break and with everything new and exciting going on in your life! Big things ahead.


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